• About Author: Adam Davies

    Adam is Editor and Content Manager of fanatix news and a huge fan of most sports, in particular tennis and football. Though delighted to see Andy Murray win his first Grand Slam at the 2012 US Open, he is still waiting for Hereford United to reach the Premier League.
  • About Author: Alice Denholmes

    A lone voice of reason in an office full of men at fanatix Towers, Alice has been a football obsessive for as long as she can remember. She is a particular fan of Francesco Totti. She specialises in covering the juiciest transfer gossip from around the globe.
  • About Author: Alvaro Morales

    La Liga correspondent. Malaga is my team!
  • About Author: Amrit Doley

  • About Author: Andrew Slevison

  • About Author: Andy Morris

    Andy is a rabid Oxford United supporter who's not missed a U's home game for the best part of four years. "Tommo" covers domestic and international cricket for fanatix and would love to join the Barmy Army one day!
  • About Author: Antoine Baptiste

    Ligue 1 writer for fanatix. I have been watching PSG for the previous 10 years, but I am supporting Newcastle in the Premier League - lots of good French players there!
  • About Author: Arvin Raj

  • About Author: Callum Tennent

    Tottenham Hotspur fan and US sports specialist for fanatix / Caught Offside. Desperately seeking match fitness in order to make a late push for the 2014 World Cup Squad.
  • About Author: Carsten Heidfeld

    fanatix's Bundesliga expert and proud German. I hope you all know how pathetic harping on about 1966 is! 1954, 1974, 1990. Alright, alright, alright!
  • About Author: Chris Allen

  • About Author: Chris Swann

    Been a fan of sports from across the pond since I could walk, and will be giving you all the news from the top sports in the US. NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NCAA, you name it, I know about it. Also been a miserable season ticket holder at Luton for 15 years.
  • About Author: Cindy Gunnell

    fanatix's resident keyboard warrior, Cindy can often be found knee-deep in debate on fans forums during office hours. "Other sport" writer for fanatix. Not interested in football. Tennis, boxing and F1 are my things.
  • About Author: Creme Temp

  • About Author: Dan Kilpatrick

    fanatix news writer and totally unbiased Tottenham fan.
  • About Author: Daniel Baricevic

  • About Author: Glen Harrington

  • About Author: Ian O'Brien

  • About Author: Jacob Daniel

  • About Author: Jamie Stevens

    Proud Welshman and one of the few people at fanatix towers who loves the oval ball as much as the round one! "How we win the game shows something about our character; how we lose it shows all of it..."
  • About Author: John Stevens

  • About Author: John White

  • About Author: Johnny Maryland

    FIFA lover pert and smoothie addict! Lacks a sense of proportion. Specialises in US sports and particularly love football (the US kind, obviously...). Long suffering Minnesota Vikings fan!
  • About Author: Jonathan Machlin

  • About Author: Jordan Chamberlain

    Jordan is a football journalist specialising in the Premier League and Europe's elite competitions. Likes wonderkid transfer rumours, 30-yard-screamers and discussing how 'Player X' would do on a cold Tuesday night at the Britannia Stadium.
  • About Author: Leroy Paine

    NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL - if its North American and an acronym, then I love writing about it! I also love a good stat. Opinions generally stolen from others in the office!
  • About Author: Lewis Jones

  • About Author: Luigi Giordano

    I have worked at Udinese website but Juve is my team! Also worked freelance but fanatix is my home now guys :) Serie A expert.
  • About Author: M Karthik

  • About Author: Mark Brus

  • About Author: Miles Todd

  • About Author: Pete Starr

    Editor of MatchPint.co.uk, Pete decided his unique brand of poorly researched cynicism wasn't quite getting the airtime it deserved and stepped up as a guest contributor to fanatix. He rates Roy Makaay and Mick McCarthy higher than you could possibly ever imagine.
  • About Author: Phil Haigh

  • About Author: Phil McCauley

  • About Author: Richie Morgan

    Lifelong and long-suffering Liverpool and New York Giants supporter with a huge passion for the England cricket team to boot, although he will follow any sport that is out there - apart from darts and swimming!
  • About Author: Robert Summerscales

  • About Author: Rory Kennedy

    I'm a fan of all sports, but particularly keen on Cricket and Rugby. I'm in love with Spurs, but also support Harlequins, Middlesex and all British teams in any sport, although I also take a large interest in the Southern Hemisphere rugby. If I could be anyone, it would be AVB!
  • About Author: Sami Frith

  • About Author: Scott Hazlewood

    Scott will be bringing you up to date with the latest news and views from the NRL, AFL, Super Rugby along with every other code and league from his homeland in Australia. A massive mixed martial arts fan, Scott will also be reporting on all of the happenings inside the octagon as the website's UFC correspondent.
  • About Author: Seth Williams

    Resident tea lover at fanatix towers and occasional wearer of colourful trousers. Full time transfer rumour ranger.
  • About Author: Steve Green

  • About Author: Sumeet Paul

    Sumeet is an online writer, blogger and editor for various sites, specialising in Football and US Sports. You can often find him glued to the television screen in the early hours watching the latest action from across the pond, and on Twitter @bball_uk.
  • About Author: Tom Seymour

    Obsessed with sport from a young age and now luckily has the dream job of writing about it - as he's not good enough to play it! Main passions are cricket and football and he has a nerd-like knowledge of Premier League squad numbers.